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The Kiqr::Services::Invitations::Accept service class is crafted to facilitate the process of accepting invitations within the Kiqr platform. It encapsulates the logic for accepting an invitation and associating the user with the account.


To utilize this service, you need to supply an instance of an invitation and a user. The service will then attempt to accept the invitation and associate the user with the account.

@invite = AccountInvitation.find_puid!(params[:id])!(invitation: @invite, user: current_user)
kiqr_flash_message(:notice, :invitation_accepted, account:
redirect_to dashboard_path(account_id: @invite.account)


  • invitation: An instance of the invitation you are attempting to send. This should be a new, unsaved ActiveRecord object.
  • user: The user that is accepting the invitation. This should be a persisted ActiveRecord object, indicating the recipient of the invitation.