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What is KIQR?

KIQR is a Ruby on Rails starter kit to turbocharge your SaaS journey. It's designed to let you dive right into the SaaS domain with minimal setup and maximum efficiency. Outfitted with Tailwind CSS, it brings a modern, responsive design to the table, including a dark mode that's easy on the eyes.

Just want to try it out? Skip to the Quickstart.

KIQR saas starter kit screenshot

Key features

KIQR features includes but are not limited to:

⭐ User registration with email confirmations
⭐ Team / organization accounts
⭐ Personal accounts / profiles
⭐ Two-factor authentication
⭐ Settings page for users and accounts
⭐ Fully translated for multi-language support
⭐ TailwindCSS template built with ViewComponents
⭐ Dark mode theme