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KIQR introduces users to a seamless sign-in process. Its intuitive login page facilitates quick and secure access to the dashboard, safeguarding user data at every step.

KIQR saas starter sign in page

Two factor authentication

With the incorporation of two-factor authentication, the KIQR SaaS Starter Kit significantly enhances account security. This feature ensures that users are the only individuals who can access their accounts, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

KIQR saas two factor authentication page

Settings page

KIQR offers templates for a settings page, where users can personalize their experience. From editing profiles to adjusting preferences, this page consolidates all necessary account settings into one easily accessible location, tailoring the user experience to individual needs.

KIQR saas settings page

Dark mode

KIQR embraces user preference with the inclusion of a dark mode feature. This option allows users to switch to a darker color scheme, reducing eye strain and optimizing the interface for low-light environments. It's an effortless way to customize the visual aspect of the platform, ensuring comfort during prolonged usage.

KIQR saas dark mode